crystal castles – amnesty (i) retrospective

some random thoughts, thinking back to how i felt about the most recent crystal castles album. continuing the idea of this blog being a more free form thought dump area.

the last thoughts i had about this project was back when their last album, amnesty (i) was released. following a large fallout between ethan and alice, the latter person left the group and went on to basically become even more of an awesome badass than she previously was known for being. as for ethan, he continued being the spiteful man he is (as seen in the midst of said fallout) and picked up a new singer, known by the mononym of “edith”.

i was relatively excited for the album  due to enjoying the single releases that preceded it. however what i found when i got to listen to it was merely ethan attempting to make miracles happen twice by basically recreating (III). outside of the fact that the album was not much different from their last effort before alice left, ethan had tried to get edith to replicate alice’s trademark “screaming” vocals. iiiiit does not work in the least.

ediths voice is just not meant for that kind of range or sound. her voice works well in the ethereal cocteau twins-esque songs but she just cant do the same vocals that alice was capable of doing. the entire album just felt like a message from ethan to alice, one that proclaimed “fuck you, i can keep this project going without you anyway”. ironically, its their most empty feeling work to date.

something that made (III) so special, at least for me, was the fact that it was the pinnacle of their work – this beautiful glassy ethereal sound that had previously been this incredibly rough and crunchy atari-adjacent sound. not only that, but as the albums progressed, alice’s lyrical content got darker and more serious in tone. whilst she still performed the screaming vocals in some songs, they were used effectively; for the sake of proving a point, rather than for the sake of screaming.

amnesty (i) forgets all of that. its entire existence is to spit in alice glass’ face and nothing more. i mean no ill will to edith, but i really hope she escapes the disgusting unlikeable wankstain that is ethan kath. she deserves to have a musical partner better than him. and ethan? just fuckin stop mate. youre making a fool of yourself. sure, you can produce some gorgeous songs. but that doesnt make you any less of a complete and total dick.

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