originally created as a personal blog to post things like reviews etc, in 2016 i posted a series of articles detailing the easter eggs that electronic music duo patten had been putting in their cd releases for the past couple years. despite the year or so break in between the final two parts, the series has now ended until patten’s next album release, which will no doubt entail some new kind of maze. until that point arrives however, ill probably be using this place as a way of just throwing ideas and writing practices out at random. the things that appear here might end up being polished more and appearing on the website i co-run with a friend, called mostly kobolds.

– call me avery (letter case is not important; you may use capitals)
– use singular they/them pronouns (i wont really care if you dont, though)
– if you need to contact me, do so via twitter, @snoozysoft
– mostly kobolds can be found at mostlykobolds.com – we occasionally post articles there, but our primary output is a podcast, which i edit.
– i am not connected to (or part of) patten, outside of the role of “collaborator”…not as far as i know, at least.

auriga platform is currently on version 2.1. version 2.0 happened on the original wordpress (dot com) blog, with a theme redesign. version 2.1 signifies the change over to dot org, the new domain and a second theme change. thanks to AS393949 (Asinine Tech) for hosting us.