Fallout 4 and the Newbie Problem

Before you start reading, let me clear something up. I’m not good at video games. I used to be decent at them, but as I’ve gotten older, my overall capability of playing them regardless of what cognitive functions you reference have gotten worse. Whilst I acknowledge that my game playing ability may be part of the problem here, I still think that there is a serious issue with regards to how the game is designed. Now that you have this in mind, read on.

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On Synthwave, a music genre that is begging for change

I, myself, am not a very hateful person. Generally speaking, if I find a genre I don’t particularly like, I pin that down to not having found the right artist for me yet. Alternately, if I have a genre I don’t like, but everyone else does, then that is fine with me too. I have zero issues with people liking stuff that I don’t; the only time I do have an issue with it is when the stuff in question is problematic for one reason or another.

And yet, despite all that, I can confidently say with a firm hand that I vehemently despise the genre of Synthwave.

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The mystery of patten’s secret codes – Part 2

In my previous article, where I detailed every discreet thing going on with patten’s minisites that they create for each release, I mentioned that the codes written on the physical release of their new album, Psi, didn’t lead anywhere at the time. The first code (PHTHALO) didn’t even lead to a patten minisite, while the second code (RADICARIAN) led to one that had nothing but a black background and black text displaying the code in full. Well, at some point since writing that article (I’m assuming in late October personally), Radicarian’s minisite has been updated with content. What does it look like? Well, it looks a little something like this: Continue reading “The mystery of patten’s secret codes – Part 2”

The mystery of patten’s secret codes – Part 1

patten (officially spelled all lowercase) is a band. Well, more like a group. An entity? Whatever you decide to classify them as, they’re signed to Warp Records, make some of the best music I’ve ever heard, and have just released their latest album: Psi. Ever since they were signed on to Warp, patten have started including mysterious and cryptic codes on their releases. When one searches these codes into Google, the outcome is usually a hidden page on patten’s official website that has some bonus content on them. Strap yourselves in, because you’re in for a long ride.

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